What Can Workplace Wellness Programs Learn From Safety Programs Use of Incentives? (Pay Attention!)


Wellness Coordinators – Are You Taking A Cumulative Approach To Your Wellness Program? (Why Not?)

For several years now, I have been promoting that worksite wellness programs need to be both comprehensive and integrated in their approach. By comprehensive, I mean the delivery of programming in the areas of awareness, education, lifestyle management, disease management and organization health. By integrated, I mean programs not only need to be integrated into the organization’s structure and business model, but also integrated with other employee benefit programs such as safety, work-life, corporate social responsibility and similar employee wellbeing type programs. As a result of my reading a recent Health Affairs blog post, I am now thinking that cumulative needs to be added to the comprehensive and integrated word list.

The blog authors suggested that a conceptual approach to employee health and wellness has evolved “along a continuum of five cumulative stages.” When I looked at their stages, it occurred to me that the cumulative effect can also apply to the execution of wellness and wellbeing concepts or models as well. Their five stages are:

1. Health care cost control or utilization management

2. Disease management

3. Health and productivity management

4. Population health

5. Culture of health

Health Care Cost Control or Utilization Management

Most worksite wellness programs today are started with the hope that they will reduce the employer’s ever-increasing healthcare or health insurance premium related costs. My understanding of the research literature is that it is only comprehensive wellness programs that will impact costs and unfortunately, most programs today are not comprehensive in their approach.


This approach recognizes that employee health impacts many aspects of work and job performance. This is why a worksite wellness program must address all aspects of employee wellbeing and not focus exclusively on just the physical health of the employee. Employee engagement and performance are impacted by all the dimensions of wellness, not just health alone.

Population Health

Population health is a huge buzz word in the wellness community today. The focus here is all employees, not just order shallaki boswellia those with identified risks or diseases. The goal is to keep healthy employees healthy and to keep all employees from getting worse in terms of their health status and their quality of life. Population health is all about helping and supporting employees to thrive.